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A Look Inside – The Complete Teething Guide

By Dr. Jay Gordon

"It's just teething." I've said these words many times to new parents when they were calling me, or visiting my office, telling me that their babies were very uncomfortable, cranky, sleeping or eating less, biting, or ... all of these!

I will never use that phrase again lightly because it diminishes the importance and impact of teething, which is one of the most important phases in the first years of life. The phrase 'just teething' simply underestimates crucial anatomical and physiological changes that begin in infancy and continue into the teenage and young adult years.

As I read The Complete Teething Guide, I found myself learning much more in a few short hours than I had gleaned from several years of pediatric training and practice. This book gave me a valuable refresher course on the nutritional aspects of teething and tooth formation and a solid chronology of the way baby teeth come in, and how they are replaced, renewed and replenished.

Perhaps the most important information in the book centers on how to deal with the “middle-of-the-night” issues, showing parents how they can help babies and children with teething pain, teething mood swings and even illness. I agree with Kathy that the stress of teething can and does affect the way the immune system fights off childhood illnesses. Both standard and alternative remedies are evaluated and discussed. The Complete Teething Guide provides good reading and good information for doctors and patients alike ...

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Review the Table of Contents

Chapter One
A Healthy Start: Building a Solid Foundation
Nutrition During Pregnancy • Tooth Structure •Basic Nutrition Components • Nutrition for The Newborn – Adolescence

Chapter Two
A Teething Timeline
A Traditional View – Natal and Neonatal Teeth • Understanding Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Growth Patterns • Timeline Chart

Chapter Three
Breastfeeding - Bottle-feeding
How They Affect Tooth and Jaw Development • Physiological Differences • Nutritional Differences • Infant Formula • Bottle Mouth Syndrome • Thumb Sucking • Pacifiers

Chapter Four
Teething-Related Symptoms & Natural Remedies
Fever • Drooling/Excessive Saliva • Nose, Ears & Throat • Headaches
Croup, Coughs and Vomiting • Digestive upset • Diarrhea and Diaper
Sleeplessness and Nightmares • Delayed Teething • Rhythmic Behaviors
Teeth Grinding • The Mouth and Related Conditions: Thrush, Canker Sores,
Cold Sores, Coxsackie Virus, etc. • Behavior & Emotional Reactions
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, ADD

Chapter Five
Cavities & Decay – How it happens
Illness During Pregnancy • Bottle Mouth Syndrome • Diet: Sugar Equals Cavities
Gum Chewing • Hygiene • Environmental and Food Allergies • Medications: Over-The-Counter Drugs - Prescription Drugs and Homeopathic Remedies • Exercise and Stress • Bacterial Plaque • Fluid Flow and Hormones • Crowded Teeth • Heredity and Genetic Errors • Treatment Options: Fillings • Correspondence Chart - Teeth & Body Organs • Dental Sealants • Teeth Staining or Discoloration

Chapter Six
Fluoride: Friend or Foe

A Brief History • Fluorosis/Mottling • Fluoride and Fertility • During Pregnancy •
Intelligence and The Central Nervous System • Delayed Teething • Cautions and Hazards • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Chapter Seven
Hazards, Cautions & Emergency Situations

Oral Teething Solutions • Toothpaste • Mouthwash • Disclosing Tablets or Solutions • Dental Sealants • Plastic Teethers and Baby Bottles • Amalgam (mercury or silver fillings) • General Anesthesia and Sedation • X-rays During Pregnancy • X-ray Exposure and Children • Emergency Situations: Broken, Loose, Knocked Out • Lost Fillings, Toothache, Correctional Appliances, Cuts, Burns

Chapter Eight
Keeping Teeth Clean – Brushing & Hygiene

Alternative Toothbrushes • Brushing and Technique • Flossing and Water Irrigation Systems • Natural Toothpaste • Mouthwash • Dental Chewing Gum

Chapter Nine
Correcting Crooked Teeth

Anatomy of the Jaw • How Correctional Appliances Effect the Cranium and Facial Structures • Misshapen Head or Positional Plagiocephaly • Cranial Therapy •
Theories on Crooked Teeth: Sleep Positions, Nutrition, Posture • Orthodontics – Traditional and Alternative: Braces, Headgear, Orthotropics, Crozat Therapy, Advanced Lightwire Functional or ALF • Hygiene

Chapter Ten
Personal Stories & Case Studies

A wealth of information - buy it now!


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